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Omega Percy Jackson; Omega Percy; Bottom Percy Jackson; Mating Cycles/In Heat; Smut; Fluff and Smut; Omega Leo valdez; alpha frank zhang; alpha Hazel Levesque; Summary. Percy's heat is approaching and he knows the alpha or in his case alphas he wants to spend it with. Unfortunately for him they're both taken by each other. Percy was betrayed by the people he trusted and the he loved leads him to a decision that changes his life forever: join Chaos and be adopted by him. Five thousand years later Gaea and three of her siblings along with Kronos and three Titans they decided to wage war against the Deities of Olympus to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs: the Earth. While Percy went on every search party sent, eventually, he had to be chained to a wall so that they could convince him to stop. His friends had been proclaimed dead. And it killed him. His friends had been proclaimed dead. Follow/Fav Omega The Knight of the Universe By: OmegaPrime312 When Percy sees Annabeth cheating on him with his half-brother,he leaves and runs away only to find Chaos herself recruiting rcy soon becomes the second most powerful being in the world just below Chaos.What happens when he is told to return to Earth 6 years later to defeat a monster that threatens Earth. Percy Jackson was the poster-boy of an alpha and everybody knew it. He was a child of one of the Big Three – they were powerful, born heroes and leaders, of course did they mostly present as alphas.

FanFiction unleash. Alpha had to find a good Omega, they'd become mates and live happily ever after – and there was definitely no better Omega than Percy Jackson! Nico just knew! His mamma, she had been an Omega. She had also been incredibly strong-willed lady. His memories of her were faint and not many, but he clearly remembered how much he had admired her and how she had taught him. Percy Jackson is such an omega. And as always, Aphrodite and her mate Ares turn it into a bit of a bet - who could seduce Percy first. Only. that Percy is the one. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

And now, Percy is enjoying life on Olympus, as the omega of Olympus, being pampered and taken by all the Olympians. NOTE: The different sections with different gods are split up into chapters, each featuring individual warnings, so you can avoid gods and kinks that make you uncomfortable and still enjoy the gods ands kinks you do want to read. Percy Jackson und Annabeth Chase haben sich aufgemacht, um ihr eigenes Camp in Europa zu eröffnen und die Halbgötter unter euch sind dazu eingeladen, sich anzumelden. Staubt eure Helme und Rüstungen ab, denn eine düstere Prophezeiung ist verkündet worden und um das Camp erhalten zu können, müss ihr euch auf den Weg machen, die drei Furien wiederzufinden, die spurlos. Percy, the leader, was Omega, Luke, the second in command, was Alpha, and Calypso was Delta. Together, they were the top 3 in Chaos' army, Percy being the first. Silena was Venus due to being aphrodites daughter and Nico was Pluto for the same reason, and they were one rank lower.

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